Adult Programs: Parents, Adults and Seniors

FREE 1 hour workshops for parents, adults, senior citizens, or health care providers are designed to draw attention to the importance of poison safety. The following outline details the topics that will be covered throughout the program with a focus on how it is applicable to daily life. Programs include interactive components and encourage discussions in a Q & A atmosphere. Free educational materials will be provided to all participants.

Adult programs and educational materials are offered in Spanish.

Program Content:

Identify and Define Poisons: Participants will learn what a poison is and how it enters the body.

Poison Proof Your Home: Participants will learn how to maintain child-safe environments in their homes.

Medication Safety: Discuss medicine management tools that can be used to reduce the risk of unintentional poisoning.

Outdoor Safety: Participants will learn garden, pesticide, herbicide and recreational safety tips.

Where to Get Help: Participants will learn about the range of FREE services NJPIES offers to NJ residents.

Poison Control in Action Video: Kick off your presentation with an inside look at poisoning and poisoning prevention for adults.

  • English Version: Approximately 13 minutes
  • Spanish Version: Approximately 16 minutes

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