Call the Poison Help Line 1-800-222-1222

or chat by clicking the CHAT NOW button at the bottom left corner of the page



Calls and chats are answered 24/7 by medical professionals that can provide information, answers to questions and emergency support.

Our Address

New Jersey Poison Control Center/NJPIES

Ambulatory Care Center (ACC)

140 Bergen Street, Suite G1600

Newark, NJ 07103

Administrative Office: 973-972-9280 

(available 9am-5pm for administrative purposes only)

As New Jersey’s only certified regional poison control center we offer free educational and professional resources, materials, and services. If you are looking to contact the NJ Poison Control Center for partnership, educational, or professional opportunities, as well as general information please contact our administrative staff during normal business hours.



Don’t live in New Jersey? Click here to find your local poison control center

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