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The New Jersey Poison Control Center is committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of New Jersey residents.

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Available for Interviews:

Diane P. Calello, MD, Executive and Medical Director, NJ Poison Control Center at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Bruce Ruck, Pharm.D., Managing Director, NJ Poison Control Center at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School




Image of button batteries of all sizes on a blue table with a startled teenager looking at them


Tiny But Dangerous Bite Sized Batteries and Strong Magnets Hide in Plain Sight

Some common household items may be small, but they pose a sizable injury risk for crawling infants, young children, and pets. Seemingly harmless items including watches, toys, electronics, key fobs, hearing aids, digital thermometers, and singing greeting cards contain “bite-sized” batteries that can cause serious, even deadly injuries if swallowed or placed in the nose or ear.

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Pequeño Pero Peligroso Baterías Del Tamaño De Un Bocado E Imanes Potentes Se Esconden A Plena Vista

Algunos artículos domésticos comunes pueden ser pequeños, pero representan un riesgo considerable de lesiones para los bebés, los niños pequeños y las mascotas que gatean. Artículos aparentemente inofensivos, incluidos relojes, juguetes, productos electrónicos, llaveros, audífonos, termómetros digitales y tarjetas de felicitación musicales, contienen baterías “del tamaño de un bocado” que pueden causar lesiones graves e incluso mortales si se ingieren o se colocan en la nariz o el oído.

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