Dairy products, including raw eggs, salads with mayonnaise, etc. should not be left at room temperature longer than needed – never more than 2 hours. On hot days and at outdoor picnics, do not allow these products to remain out for more than a few minutes. Place these food products in a cooler/ice chest to prevent spoiling or food poisoning. Also, do not drink any beverages or eat any foods that contain unpasteurized milk or apple juice. “When in doubt, throw it out.”

It is best to purchase dairy products towards the end of your shopping trip. Check “best if used by” date (last day the manufacturer expects the product to be good to eat or drink) or “sell by” date. Dairy products should not be sold after the “sell by” date; this allows a reasonable length of time to use the food at home.

If you have questions about the proper storage of dairy products, remember help is just a phone call away.                          1-800-222-1222