Fish and Seafood

Caveat emptor, “Buyer Beware.” When shopping or making reservations for dinner, be sure to consider the establishment’s track record for cleanliness. Choose restaurants and foods wisely.

Eliminate contact with meat, poultry, fruits, and vegetables in the shopping cart and during packing. Wrap all fish and seafood in plastic bags to avoid leaking juices onto other food. Fish and seafood should be kept refrigerated or frozen from the time of purchase to time of preparation. Try to purchase these products toward the end of your shopping excursion. Go home immediately after their purchase to prevent foods from getting spoiled in the heat. Since shellfish are commonly contaminated with toxic substances, protect yourself by purchasing shellfish from reputable dealers ONLY. If you caught the fish yourself, make sure it is kept on ice to prevent bacterial contamination.

If you have questions about the proper storage of fish and seafood, remember help is just a phone call away.                        1-800-222-1222