Worksheets for Adults

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Worksheets for Kids

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Level 1

Find the Safe Path 

Help Amy get to her dog, but be careful there are poisons blocking her way through the maze! 

Kitchen Patrol 

There are many things in our kitchen that can make someone sick if they use them in the wrong way or the wrong amount.  In this picture there are 5 safe items and 5 poisons!  Can you identify which items are safe and which ones can be dangers? 

Find the Poison 

Never eat the leaves, berries or flowers of plants found in or around the home!  Connect the dots to see what potentially dangerous plants could be lurking in or around your home. 

Level 2

What’s in Mom’s Purse?

People often carry potentially dangerous items in purses, pockets, and other bags.  Things like makeup, mouth wash, and the batteries from keys can be dangerous to children and pets.  Can you find the dangerous items often carried in purses?

Poison Search 

Poisons can be hiding all around the house.  Can you find the poisons hiding in the word search? 

Hidden Hazards

Poisons like pesticides, plants, and animals can be found in our own backyards!  Find the hazards hiding this backyard! 

Level 3

Mixed Up Mess 

Here’s a mixed up mess!!!  Unscramble the jumble words to see the list of poisons that could be lurking in your home. 

What do you do?

You’re helping your friend take care of his baby brother.  You step out of the room for a minute and when you come back you find the baby with an empty pill bottle.  What should you do?

Venom Crossing Crossword

Complete the crossword puzzle to reveal and important message!