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Carbon Monoxide Awareness and Lead Learning Center:

Carbon Monoxide and Lead are dangerous poisons that can be found in and around homes and communities. Take a tour of our neighborhood in this interactive game to see what potential dangers might be around.

Click here to play

Toxie the Tox Mystery Cat

ToxMystery is an e-learning game that uses animation, sound effects and positive reinforcement to help 7-11 year olds learn about possible chemical hazards around the home. ToxMystery en español’s “Para los padres” (For Parents) page gives parents more detailed information about potential household hazards. The “Para maestros” (Teachers) page has lesson plans and downloadable classroom activity pages in Spanish. ToxMystery can be used in science and health classes viagra generika ohne rezept.

Toxie, the ToxMystery guide cat, has returned to school and can now speak Spanish. By selecting the “Espanol” or “English” tab on the upper right of the homepage, gamers can move between Spanish and English as they explore the site’s “house of hazards.”

Come play with Toxie and see if you can find the hazards in English and en español! Click here to play

STOP! Ask First!:

Download the Stop! Ask First! Poison Prevention Video Click here to play

Poison Adventure Games and Worksheets

LEVEL 1 – You can do it!
Games Worksheets
Poison Pairs Poison Pairs
Out of Sight! Out of Sight!
Find the Safe Path Find the Safe Path
Kitchen Patrol Kitchen Patrol
Find the Poison Find the Poison
LEVEL 2 – So you think you know poisons?!
Games Worksheets
Spider Gliders Spider Gliders
The Curse of Poison Island The Curse of Poison Island
Canyon Crossing Canyon Crossing
What’s in Mom’s Purse? What's In Mom's Purse
Poison Search Poison Search
Hidden Hazards Hidden Hazards
LEVEL 3 – Brain power required!
Games Worksheets
Spider Gliders Spider Gliders
Blackout Blackout
Toxic Twins Toxic Twins
Mixed Up Mess Mixed Up Mess
What Do You Do? What would you do?
Venom Crossing Venom Crossing