Train-the-Trainer Workshop

FREE Poison Prevention Training Program

The Education Department at the New Jersey Poison Information and Education System (NJPIES) has developed this free workshop for individuals interested in promoting poison prevention messages in their communities. Train-the-Trainer (TNT) is a comprehensive training workshop during which participants will learn how to facilitate established poison prevention education programs for a wide range of audiences. Participating in Train-the-Trainer can benefit you no matter what your interests are; whether it is providing your organization with a wellness program, reaching your students, or volunteering in your community. We invite you to take advantage of this rewarding, FREE opportunity and encourage you to join us in our efforts to keep NJ residents poison safe!

Goals and Objectives:

Goal: To increase awareness of NJPIES’ services and poison prevention messages to New Jersey residents by teaching participants the methods and strategies required to effectively deliver poison prevention education presentations.

Participant Learning Objectives: By the end of the workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Identify and approach target populations for poison prevention education.
  • Provide a comprehensive view of national and state poisoning prevalence.
  • Provide basic poison information and prevention strategies to specific populations.
  • Apply teaching strategies and facilitation skills during implementation of poison prevention lessons.
  • Explain NJ Poison Control Center Services and its benefits.
  • Schedule poison prevention programs and order educational materials in coordination with NJPIES.
  • Conduct audience-specific poison prevention programs (i.e. seniors, parents, adolescents and children).

Program Design:
Train-the-Trainer is an interactive workshop that encourages participation and discussion to equip participants with the information necessary to facilitate poison prevention lessons. The prevention topics covered are: defining and identifying poisons, common household poisons, how to poison proof a home, child safety, medication safety, outdoor safety, food safety, carbon monoxide poisoning and poison center services. Participants will receive a training manual which includes comprehensive lesson plans, supplemental classroom materials and several resource appendices.

Who Should Attend Train-the-Trainer:

  • Social Workers/Community Outreach Workers
  • Health Educators/Public Health Professionals
  • Health Care Providers (Doctors, Pharmacists, and Nurses)
  • Teachers, School Nurses, Child Care Providers
  • First Responders (EMS/EMT, Police Officers, and Fire Fighters)

Train-the-Trainer Design:

  • Training in poison safety topics
  • Identifying target audiences
  • Conducting lesson plans and activities
  • Scheduling programs with appropriate groups and locations
  • Free training manual
  • Free lesson plans and supplemental materials
  • Continuing Education Credits are available

For more information, please contact:

Alicia Gambino, MA, MCHES
Director of Public Education
973-972-9280 ext 107
[email protected]